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Top 20 Albums of 2009

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Caveat: The nature of radio airplay is to concentrate on one or two important focus tracks.
Therefore, not all these albums are necessarily "good" throughout, though most are. As always, buyer beware!

      artist ALBUM TITLE label / UPC
  1. Various Artists WAVEFORM TRANSMISSIONS - VOLUME TWO Waveform 789060910220
  2. Third Ear Audio THIRD EAR AUDIO DubMission 5050693230623*
  3. Capsula SENSE OF A DROP Waveform 789060910121
  4. Kliment PERPETUAL RITUAL Electrik Dream 5060147122480*
  5. Sounds From the Ground THRU THE AGES Upstream 5060147124835*
  6. Various Artists NATURAL BORN CHILLERS 2 Aleph Zero 884502015782*
  7. Tosca NO HASSLE !K7 730003724022
  8. Resonant Drift THE CALL Resonant Drift 824767371520
  9. Bluetech THE DIVINE INVASION Aleph Zero 884502043150*
10. Alex Theory SATURN RETURNS White Swan 717147009321
11. Motionfield OPTICAL FLOW Somnia 844185016483
12. Stardancer MIXING REALITIES Stardancer 884501120678
13. Various Artists CHIME Ball of Waxx 884501075640#
14. Magic Sound Fabric OBSERVER Spiralight 657098001022
15. Various Artists ABSOLUT CHILL VOL.1 Absolut Ambient*
16. Saru THE PEARL Downtempodojo.com
17. Steve Roach & Erik Wollo STREAM OF THOUGHT Projekt 617026022420
18. East Forest THE EDUCATION OF THE INDIVIDUAL SOUL Aquilo 616892997627
19. Mister ChillıR LUNAR LOUNGE RDG Music 859701091431
20. Various Artists ONE DUB Interchill 5060147123746*

* denotes import. # denotes prior year release that we exposed most in 2009 (usually an import or end of year title that took a while to get to us).

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